What is the Appropriate Daily Curcumin Dosage?

If one intends to take any supplement, it is prudent to inquire what the amount is going to be. Hence it is useful to find out if there is a recommended daily curcumin dosage. However because it is not considered an essential nutrient, there is no specific daily curcumin dosage. Nevertheless, there are some guides that one can use based on common sense and bioavailability.

The usual daily dosage when taken as a single supplement is usually set at 400 to 600mg. Exceeding 600mg per day would therefore not be recommended and in any case taking very high doses has negative side effects.

There are two important considerations when considering curcumin dosage. One is bioavailability and the other is its concentration in turmeric.

The spice is not soluble in water and hence it is not easily absorbed into the blood stream after digestion. A high dose is therefore necessary if it is taken as a single supplement.

Curcumin is usually contained within a turmeric extract. Some turmeric Ibutamoren sarm extracts contain low levels and as a result need to be taken in large quantities. Good supplements contain at least 95% in the turmeric extract and the best ones have it at 98%.

The best way to get the appropriate curcumin dosage as well as avoid the risks of overdosing is to take it as a multi-ingredient supplement which includes other nutritional requirements. This overcomes the bioavailability issue because the absorption of this compound can be increased by 2000% by taking it together with piperine. Such a supplement would therefore include piperine as one of the ingredients.

Another factor relating to bioavailability concerns where the nutrient is delivered within the digestive system. Most supplements are destroyed by the acidic enzymes in the stomach. As a result, reputable suppliers provide their nutraceuticals coated in a protective molecular layer using a technique called enteric coating.

A nutraceutical in which enteric coating has been used passes through the stomach unscathed and delivers its nutrients into the upper intestine where they are absorbed.